Brandon Huckin

Technician, Web Developer, System Administrator, Father


About Me

My name is Brandon and I'm a 21 year old Developer from the UK. I started developing around 2015 and have been doing it ever since.
I frequently utilise our activities at work, currently holding the Staff Record at Bowling (197) and a pretty good time on our Climbing Wall (11.9 seconds).
I also meetup monthly with friends at TeamSport, our aim is to eventually get into BIKC (British Indoor Karting Championship).

North Oxfordshire Academy


2013 - 2015

I studied at North Oxfordshire Academy for my GCSEs. I gained English, Maths and Art.

Banbury and Bicester College

Level 2 Diploma in Motor Vehicle

2015 - 2017

First Year learning the basics of how to maintain a vehicle and carry out maintenance. Second Two years developing the skills I had previously learnt, gaining knowledge and experience focusing on Vehicle Electrical Systems such as ADAS and the concept of LIDAR.